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Cutting Crown Molding

When cutting crown molding, place the molding on the mitre saw fence at the same angle it is to be installed, but turn it upside down so that the ceiling edge is on the mitre saw's base and the wall edge is resting on the saws fence; and then cope the inside corners.

Silent Screen Door

If your door slams shut with a bang http://www.authenticnationalspro.com/nationals-jayson-werth-jersey/ , you can place a couple of short beads of clear silicone caulk along the jamb at a few of the contact points. This will soften the blow. Be sure to prop the door open for a couple of hours after application, to let the bead of silicone dry completely.

Bag Dispenser

Tack an empty tissue box to the inside of a cabinet door and stuff your empty plastic grocery bags into the box. This will hold them secure, organized and also make for a convenient dispenser.

Chalk that Won't Stain

While working on the interior of your house, anything that can eliminate as much of a mess as possible is always a plus. So http://www.authenticnationalspro.com/nationals-howie-kendrick-jersey/ , when using a chalk line to mark surfaces- such as walls and flooring- use a white color. Red and blue will permanently stain.

Cheapest Tile Spacers

When laying tile, use pennies as spacers instead of store bought plastic ones. Pennies are easier to handle, more uniform and cheaper.

Clean Belt Sanders

Use the sole of a shoe to clean the sanding belt when it gets clogged, Do this by clamping the sander upside down http://www.authenticnationalspro.com/nationals-gio-gonzalez-jersey/ , turning it on and gradually applying the sole of the shoe to the belt, watch it clean right up.

Digging Sod

When digging up sod that is going to be replaced, skin the sod off in large sections about 3-4 inches thick- peel back. Do not cut into little chunks. This will make replacement and re-rooting clean and effective.

Effective Fence Stringers

Instead of using 2x4s use 2x6s and cut them in half lengthwise at a 45 degree angle. This will result in 2 stringers per 2×6 that when installed with the angled edge on top, will do two things. First http://www.authenticnationalspro.com/nationals-daniel-murphy-jersey/ , it allows the stringers to weather and last much longer since rain and snow will slip off. Second, it creates a more secure fence, since it removes the possibility of a step for climbing potential.

Fixing Rotting Fence Posts

If you have a fence post that is rotted out and the concrete the post is set in is not broken, you can simply pull the wood out http://www.authenticnationalspro.com/nationals-bryce-harper-jersey/ ,,, pound a new post in it's place... and trim the top flush with the other posts.

Garden ID Tags

Take old or unneeded Venetian blind slats and cut them into 8-inch strips. Cut a point on one end . http://www.wholesalenbacheapjerseys.com/ Wholesale Jerseys For Cheap Wholesale Jerseys For Cheap Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NCAA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic Baseball Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Basketball Jerseys From China Cheap Baseball Jerseys
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