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China's cyberspace watchdog said it has launched a campaign to rid matchmaking websites of fraud and prostitution and enforce real-name registration.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said it has found some people using the matchmaking websites to commit fraud or engage in prostitution and some of those websites would leak users' information or cover up illegal activities.

New users will be required to register using their real name on the matchmaking websites and those who are already registered need to complete their online information http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/white-sox-avisail-garcia-jersey/ , otherwise their account would be removed, the CAC said.

"Whether the real name registration for the matchmaking industry would eradicate violations still needs to be tested over time but it could remind users to protect their private information when registering on these websites," said Shi Xiansheng, the deputy secretary of the Internet Society of China.

Aside from matchmaking websites, the campaign also covers dating websites and public WeChat accounts involved in matchmaking.

The CAC said it will establish a credit mechanism and come up with a database on the matchmaking websites and create a blacklist of those who break the rules.

"Establishing a credit mechanism on the Internet requires the efforts of different departments of government to enhance the public awareness and public supervision http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/hats/ ," Shi said.

A man surnamed Huang faked his identity as a Chinese-American when he registered on a matchmaking website and swindled a woman of more than 7 million yuan ($1.12 million) who is also a registered user, chinanews reported on Friday.

The CAC said it has provided a hotline for the public to report websites which might be involved in illegal activities.

"This campaign could improve the matchmaking industry by weeding out illegal websites or companies in China," jiayuan, a popular dating websites with over 120 million people registered in 2014, told Global Times Sunday.

This campaign would protect the rights of users and give them more opportunities to find their "MrMs Right" on the Internet http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/t-shirts/ , the website said.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, July 14 (Xinhua) -- A group of Chinese villagers at a court in Amersterdam on Friday demanded that a collector reveal the identity of the individual from whom he bought a purportedly stolen Buddha statue, saying the figure must be returned to its rightful temple in China.

The Buddha statue with an intact mummified body inside was bought by Amsterdam collector Oscar van Overeem in 1996, who now claims to have swapped with another buyer for several Buddhist art objects.

Villagers in China's southeastern province of Fujian recognized it as their stolen Zhang Gong statue when the statue was on exhibition in Hungary in March 2015.

Van Overeem agreed that the Buddha comes from the province of Fujian http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/hoodie/ , but insisted that it is not the statue stolen from the villagers' temple.

He once agreed to return it if his conditions were met. When negotiations failed, the villagers filed a lawsuit against him in the Dutch court.


At the hearing, van Overeem stated that the new holder of the statue is a "collector-investor-intermediary," who "is aware of the mummy controversy and political sensitivities and prefers to remain anonymous."

When asked to disclose the name of the new holder, or email exchanges that reflect the negotiation of the deal and the conditions under which there was an exchange http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/customized/ , the Dutch collector refused.

Under the Dutch Civil Code, such an agreement is contrary to good morals, and is an affront to decency and public order, therefore is void, Dutch lawyer Jan Holthuis representing the Chinese villagers told the court.

The lawyer cited an email signed and submitted by Van Overeem as proof which states that the Dutch collector reached this agreement when he learned that the villagers hired lawyers to take legal action in the Netherlands.

"By taking the statue away http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/ , the collector caused a presumption of a fraudulent act, namely preventing the enforcement of a claim to return Zhang Gong, if the court would so decide," commented Holthuis.

Two weeks ago, the villagers filed a demand asking the court to require the defendant to disclose the identity of the new holder.

Van Overeem asked the court to dismiss the demand by the villagers immediately on formal grounds. But the judge refused and ordered him to submit a statement to challenge the claim within six weeks.

"This is good. The other party has the right to make a statement on the reason why they think they cannot disclose the identity http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/white-sox-tim-anderson-jersey/ , and we can still reply to their statement. Then the judge will make a decision on it. It might take months," Holthuis told the press.

When the new holder is known, the Chinese villagers will seek to make him part of the legal proceedings to answer their claims that the Zhang Gong Buddha statue should return home, he said.


The nearly three-hour hearing was also dominated by the debate over the identity of the statue. Is he Zhang Gong, the 11th century monk who has been worshipped for generations in two Chinese villages http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/white-sox-ron-santo-jersey/ , or not?

"It is not their statue," van Overeem reiterated to Xinhua after the hearing.

In court he read several reports, emails and a CT scan to show that a hole in the hand and a wobbling head, two characterstics of the Zhang Gong statue, did not exist in the statue he bought.

When asked about the Chinese characters of "Liu Quan http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/white-sox-robin-ventura-jersey/ ," the name of Zhang Gong, as well as "Pu Zhao Tang," the name of the village temple, written on the linen roll found in the statue, he said "the linens were added 200 http://www.whitesoxteamproshop.com/white-sox-paul-konerko-jersey/ , 250 years later. It is not an automatic proof that it belongs to the mummy."

When the judge inquired about the possibility of seeing the Buddha for an evidence check, van Overeem said the new holder wan. Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping http://www.wholesalenflcheapjerseysonline.com/ Wholesale NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale MLB Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic College Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Free Shippping Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys
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