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For Grand Prix lovers ARTEH - Hotels and Resorts suggests Hotel Le Lavoisier in Paris Alex Morgan USA Jersey , and the Cour des Loges in Lyon, as privileged retreats to rest in between the races.

About France Grand Prix (FGP)

The FGP is a Formula One race held as part of the 'Federation Internationale de l'Automobile'.

Grand Prix (GP) motor racing originated in France and the FGP, open to international competition, is the oldest of the GP races.

The first FGP was run on June 26, 1906 under the auspices of the 'Automobile Club de France', in Sarthe, with a starting field of thirty-two automobiles. It was the first automobile race called a 'Grand Prix' and was won by the Hungarian Ferenc Szisz on a Renault - after two days and 1,238 kilometers.

The first World Championships were organized in 1925 with the FGP, the Italian GP, the Belgian GP and the Indianapolis 500.

With the exception of 1955, the FGP has been part of the Formula One championships since its inception in 1950.

Over the years, the annual competition has been held at various racetracks throughout France. All in all, seven racetracks have been used: the Circuit Nevers was preceded by Clermont-Ferrand (4 times), Dijon (5 times), Le Castellet (14 times), Le Mans (once), Reims (11 times) and Rouen (5 times). The only country where an even larger number of racetracks (eight) is used for GP racing is the USA.

Since 1991 it has been held at its permanent home at the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours.

Legends from Grand Prix past...

In celebration of the FGP Centenary Abby Smith USA Jersey , the 'Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile' will be bringing to race fans the sights and sounds of historic F1 GP cars.

Historic GP racing features exciting, beautifully prepared Formula One cars from the 3 litre, pre-ground effects and pre-turbo era, from 1966 to 1978. The different eras entered in this series are divided into 4 categories: Clark, Steward, Fittipaldi, and Lauda.

These GP cars from days gone by have been thrilling race fans throughout the world reviving the sensations of past glories. Typical starting grids have included Tyrrell, Lotus, Matra, McLaren, Cooper, BRM and more from this fantastic decade of GP racing. These are the actual cars driven by GP stars such as Hunt, Fittipaldi, Stewart, Amon, Rindt, Hill Abby Dahlkemper USA Jersey , Reutemann, Beltoise, Cevert and Peterson.

The FGP 100th anniversary celebrations has drawn over 22 famous cars and international drivers who have come as far as America, England, France, etc to race on the Nevers - Magny Cours circuit. The Brabham BT24 Repco formally driven by Sir Jack Brabham and winner of the 1967 FGP will be coming all the way from Sydney to seek another French victory over 50 years later.

More car stars on the entry list include such greats as the Tyrell 007 1974 (P. Depailler), Wolf WR1 1978 (J. Scheckter), 1978 Fittapaldi F5A (E. Fittapaldi), Lotus 1977 - (Mario Andretti), Williams FW06 1977 (Alan Jones), and many more.

With qualifying sessions on Friday and Saturday afternoon, the 14th and the 15th of July, followed by the race on Sunday, the 16th of July, this promises to be one of the most passionate and exciting of the various support races scheduled over the FGP weekend.

About the Hotels

Hotel Le Lavoisier

Charm and Elegance with a view of the City of Light.

In the heart of Paris, near the Rue Saint Honore, between the Place de la Madeleine and the Saint Augustin Church Wholesale USA Womens Soccer Jerseys , lies an elegant mid-19th century building: the distinguished Hotel Le Lavoisier. Inside one finds innovative and contemporary interior design characterised by pastel hues and neo-classical furniture that create an atmosphere of charm and serenity.

Cour des Loges

In between the Past and the Present, enjoy a Timeless Experience in a Unique Place.

Surrounded by history and located in the heart of Vieux Lyon, classified as a World Heritage Site, Cour des Loges consists of four magnificent 14th, 15th, and 16th Century buildings restored with sophistication. The architecture is pure renaissance and the contemporary interior design combines details from several epochs, bringing together the past and the present in a subtle mixture of rare elegance and creating a serene and seductive atmosphere.

About ARTEH - Hotels and Resorts

Best Independent Hotel Chain ? Publituris Awards 2004 and 2005

ARTEH ? Hotels and Resorts is a soft brand independent Hotel Chain with a Luxury Collection of Charming and Exclusive Boutique Hotels and Resorts, with Golf and Spa.

An ARTEH Hotel distinguishes itself by the Richness of its Heritage, the Beauty of its Setting, the Splendour of its Architecture, the Design of its Decor, the Comfort of its Rooms and the Care for its Guests.
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